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Retrieve, Destroy, Recycle.

Airbag Disposal UK specialise in the elimination of hazardous automotive pyrotechnics from both the end user and supply chain for car manufacturers and associated industries.

We operate with the highest levels of security during the retrieval and detonation process assuring the client that no unit ever re-enters the market.

Our bespoke facility meets stringent UK Environment Agency standards meaning zero harmful emissions and zero waste to landfill

Trusted by many major automotive manufacturers to protect the integrity of their brand by managing and processing the current world wide Takata recall.


Once a brief regarding location and quantities is confirmed we are able to coordinate in-country multi site collections to a designated holding facility and arrange trans global shipping of the hazardous waste for destruction within agreed timelines.

From its bespoke Environment Agency approved facility in England,  Airbag Disposal UK has the capability to neutralise any quantity of units.

We have developed an environmentally safe method of detonation leaving all components 100% recyclable.

Experienced and qualified personnel ensure that all consignments are tracked from collection to destruction, with a full compliant audit trail.

Should the export of hazardous waste not be permissible from a particular country we are able to commission fully operational self contained deployment chambers to that country.

Our areas of expertise cover:

Multi-modal shipment of dangerous / hazardous goods including packaging and specialist documentation both in country and across international boundaries

  • Waste facility management
  • Risk assessments and method statements
  • Explosives storage and detonation
  • ISO14001 Environmental Management certified
  • Fully compliant audit trails



Helping to Successfully Coordinate Manufacturer Recalls

Currently, the automotive industry is experiencing the highest number of airbag manufacture recalls in its long history. Due to the grand scale of the industry, putting a recall into action is a gruelling and difficult process. At Airbag Disposal (UK) Ltd, we have more than 12 years’ experience of manufacturer recall coordination.

Recalled units safely disposed of

Countries Co-ordinating global retrieval & disposal of airbag waste

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